Monday, March 5, 2007

Chinese Festival in Malaysia

There are a lot of traditional chinese festivals in Malaysia. All of them are celebrated by Chinese staying in this country. Chinese both from Budhhist or Christian celebrates these festivals according to the lunar calendar.

Among all the festivals, Chinese New Year is the most important one if compared to others. This festival is celebrated from the first day of January (lunar calendar) until the fifteen day of January. All the family members staying from outstation will return to their hometown on the eve of new year to be reunion with their other family members, especially to pay their respect to the elders. Chinese langturns and "Hong-Chai", a long piece of red cloth were put up at the front doors of the Chinese houses. Some of them also put up the "Chun-Lian", two pieces of red long papers which contents of nice and good meanings of Chinese words. These traditional decorations were inherited from their ancestors and still practised by most of the Chinese.

Anyway, the Chinese young generations nowadays misunderstand about the meaning of this traditional festival. Instead of gathered with the other family members, they use this opportunity to gamble and play the dengerous fireworks which may harm people staying with them. Children and teenagers should be taught about the real meanings of traditional festivals.